Instagram Followers App

Our online application is a slimmed down version of our actual downloadable Instagram Bot. This is the fastest way to acquire followers and/or photo likes on any Instagram account of your choice. Inputted figures below are reflected on your Instagram account within an hour or so. We have setup a time delay in an effort to not set off any alarms and grow your account in a sensible, natural way. 5-10% of the time users we send to your Instagram profile may choose to unfollow you so we take that into account as well.

According to DigiDay, Instagram has 200 million monthly users, 40 million photos are uploaded every day and 8,500 likes are generated per second. Instagram is a marketing beast!

Online App Instructions:

– Enter the Instagram account handle (your profile name) or the photo url (ie:
– Choose whether you want followers or likes
– Click on START and show us some support for our hard work

Important: We do not recommend you add more than 5,000 likes/followers within an hour. For example, if you want 7,000 followers, process 4,000 followers first then come back 1-2 hours later (at least) and process the remaining 4,000. This is just a suggestion/precaution. Better safe than sorry!


Let the Fun Begin:

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.