Instagram Marketing Service

Instagram Marketing Service

InstaFollowersNetwork is proud to announce publicly our Instagram Marketing monthly service. We have been running this service for close to a year for our private client base and have decided to open it up to the public. Using our custom system, we target followers based on a number of techniques and bring them over to your IG profile.

Here are a few key points:

– You post as you normally do

– We will take a look at your profile and recommend certain cosmetic changes and provide our expertise

– We will target followers by following, liking and commenting on your behalf.  Since these users are laser targeted, a majority will start to follow your profile

– At points during the service, we run an unfollow campaign for housekeeping purposes

– In order to enter you into our system, we will need your login information. If you have trust issues, I understand but contact us and we can work that out.

IG Profile Examples:

We cannot share our private business client profile pages, but here are two we can divulge as examples:

@BeardedManCave and @Owl_About_Owls (feel free to DM them if you want about our service)


Cost for this service is $75/month. Click the link below to make your payment. You may cancel at anytime. We will discuss in detail your needs and we will gather information about your profile, niche and goals. If you have any questions, please email us.